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No employee at SPECWAROPS is a "personal trainer." We set ourselves apart from the typical club approach of trying to make the client dependant on us. We consider ourselves SEAL training and fitness instructors, and maybe even life skills instructors. We make a conscious effort to ensure that when you complete your course, you can continue to pursue it on your own.

The following is a brief description of your fitness training regimen.

General Strength conditioning is primarily achieved through calisthenics training. Calisthenics has proven to be the best training to perfect your body. If you are looking for lean, ripped, functional muscle definition, Calisthenics will deliver. Calisthenics training principles prove to be the best form of conditioning due to their convenience. Consistency is the name of the game and nothing beats the ability to 'knock out' your training anywhere, anytime. "As long as you have yourself, you will always have your gym." More than 75% of those who find themselves married to the gym rarely achieve their fitness goals and usually feel a major time restraint. Make Calisthenics training your mainstay and go to the gym on occasion when you have the time. Workouts at the gym are specific and intensive. These concepts are covered apart from the Navy SEAL Training Camps.

General Aerobic/Anaerobic training are resistance-training concepts taken to longer durations. Aerobic efforts are endurance related activities that last 20 minutes or more and maintain a minimum heart rate 120 beats per minute. Anaerobic efforts are more intensive and usually shorter in duration. The aerobic threshold can be achieved through shorter durations, but is usually confined to the elderly or the super un-fit. Choosing your weapon to accomplish your aerobic goals is an easy task. Whether you are a gym rat or an outdoor enthusiast, there are numerous activities from which to choose to get the job done. Just remember that the best activity is the one you do. Pick a few and keep it interesting. Consistency is the key.

ACTIVITY/SPORT SPECIFIC TRAINING is the HOO YAH best part of fitness. Making exercise an experience is the ultimate goal. Learning to implement activities to fullfill your strength and aerobic goals will be your great achievement. At times this can be difficult to balance with your general training. Always lean towards what you enjoy instead of what feels like work. We would much rather go climbing at the local crag or scaling Mt. Whitney than go to a gym to knock out a back workout.


"All you need is your mind, your body,
and a positive mental attitude."

                                - Scott Helvenston

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