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Phase II (Land Warfare)

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The first mission of the first SEALs, fifty years ago, was reconnaissance. Recons can be done in the water, on the beach, or far inland. In this phase, you will be instructed on the basic principles of land warfare. You will learn the fundamentals of good markmanship in a combat environment, patrolling techniques, stealth and concealment, verbal and non-verbal communication, group movement over open and closed terrain, land navigation utilizing GPS units, planned and hasty ambushes and raids, immediate action drills, and insertions/extractions. This course will end with a highly realistic Final Training Excercise (FTX) involving all the skills learned and simulating a real-world mission on the 300 acre remote Area of Operations (AO).

Each trainee provided with complete Woodland Battle Dress Uniform (BDUs), Gloves, and Canteens. Transportation to, and from, the AO from San Diego will be provided. Weather conditions will be briefed to you prior to your arrival. Pack accordingly. You will be required to sleep two nights in the field. All technical gear is provided. Water and MREs will be provided for all trainees. Energy drinks/mixes and snacks are recommended.

The fee for this course is $695 per student (includes gear).

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