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   "The closest thing I've seen to BUD/S... Anywhere!"

                                  - Navy SEAL (Team 3)

Designed to closely simulate First Phase at BUD/S, Phase I will give you a real taste of Navy SEAL Training. Starting at 1500 hours on a beach in San Diego, Phase I begins with students issued their uniforms and the instructors leading the class in stretching exercises. Then, between clouds from smoke grenades and cracks of automatic gunfire, students are forced to tune out all distractions and focus only on the immediate task at hand in order to make it to the next evolution (physical event). From the challenging Obstacle course to Log Training, all evolutions are designed to force students to work as a team, dig deep within themselves, and overcome all obstacles.

Day Two’s evolutions test your mental toughness. Mustering at 0800, you depart for Mountaineering Training. You will learn the fundamentals of rock climbing, rappelling, top rope belay, and fixed rope ascension. After the instruction and practice, you will scale shear cliffs with your own hands and feet and rappel down vertical rock faces with confidence.

Day Three builds more teamwork and leadership skills. The class is divided into boat crews to start your introduction to Water Operations. You will become familiar with the different positions in a small inflatable boat (IBS) and practice navigating through the surf zone. After surf passage, the morning evolutions finish with boat races. It pays to be a winner.

Following the IBS evolutions, the class musters for the Land Navigation course. You will learn map and compass reading, as well as how to plot a point on a map, judge distances, identify land features from a map, and drive a compass accurately. This course is the foundation of the more advanced navigation required in Phase II and Phase III.

Once this block of instruction is completed, the class prepares for the Final Training Exercise (FTX). This evolution incorporates all the skills that you have been taught throughout the weekend into a multiple-hour SEAL Team Boat Crew Race. Skills utilized include running, boat races, land navigation, fixed rope ascension, rock climbing, and rappelling. This is a life-defining evolution.

Phase I finishes up with a graduation ceremony. Every graduate is presented with the coveted SPECWAROPS - Navy SEAL Training T-shirt. The overall winner, as well as team winners, is also awarded a Trident plaque.


Gear Issued per Student
(yours to keep)

Skills Instructed
(to learn and remember)

3 Shirts (White)

Navy SEAL Fitness Training with proper technique and mental attitude

1 UDT/SEAL Shorts (Khaki)

Fastrope and Cargo Net Familiarization

1 Utility Hat (OD Green)

Swimming, Running, Log Training

3 Pair Socks (Dive)

Rock Climbing Techniques, Mountaineering, and Gear Familiarization

1 Pair Jungle Boots

Rappelling, Top Rope Belay, Lead Climb, and Fixed Rope Ascension

1 BDU Shorts

Land Navigation, Map, and Compass Reading

1 BDU Belt

Small Craft Maneuvers

1 Compass

FTX (Final Training Exercise) incorporates all the above in a race with the winner receiving a Trident plaque!


Real-world professionals from the Navy SEAL and clandestine special operations teams, the SPECWAROPS staff prides themselves on providing you with, not only a weekend of quality instruction, but a great experience as well. All the skills you learn, not only prepare you for the next phases of Navy SEAL Training, but can be easily applied to enrich your everyday life. Teamwork, Leadership, Attention to Detail, Focus, and Accountability all benefit any individual who has or seeks the “warrior” mindset.

Lodging options (not included) are provided for you when you sign up. All technical gear is supplied. Water is provided for all trainees on Friday and Sunday. Saturday requires packable food/drinks/snacks. As most evolutions at the training camp are high output, energy drinks and snacks are always recommended.

Ready to muster? Will you take the challenge? Sign up now, or reply back with all inquiries.

3 Days plus Gear!


Proceeds benefit Kyle & Kelsey Helvenston
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