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Advanced Operator Training (AOT)

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SPECWAROPS offers the best hands on, practical training available for real-world operators. Our skilled instructors have extensive experience in hot zones around the world and utilize their vast knowledge to deliver specialized training based on tactics that really work. Our comprehensive tactical training will teach you to respond quickly and intelligently to potential threats in any high-pressure situation.

SPECWAROPS offers AOT courses in:

  • Survival Training
  • Sniper Shooting and Tactics
  • Jungle Operations
  • Tracking/Sign Cutting
  • Unconventional Warfare
  • Counter-drug Operations
  • Border Protection Tactics
  • Counter-terrorism Security
  • Air Infiltration/Operations
  • Special Reconnaissance
  • Mountaineering
  • Demolitions/EOD
  • Information Warfare
  • Urban Warfare/MOUT
  • Low-Light Tactical Training
  • Executive Protection
  • Crisis Response Management
  • Basic Law Enforcement/Security
  • Language Classes

Our highly realistic Final Training Exercises sharpen your skill set to the highest degree possible, giving you and/or your team the applicable skills needed to operate safely and effectively in any 21st century environment.

Lodging information is provided for you when you sign up. Food and drinks are provided for all trainees.

The fee for each of these courses is $695 per student.



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